Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bear Grylls - The born survivor

Bear Grylls - Face of an outstanding survivor

"How wild one could think, plan, act and push itself beyond limits to survive?" is a great question and its most probably answer is - "The most craziest, enduring and courageous person only". Even we know same, we listen or read very less about stories of people who have successfully survived from deadly adversities.

Some people on this planet posses enough courage and abilities to survive through situations that we assume as fatal. Bear Grylls is one of them. He's world's one of the best survival experts and trainers and also famous personality. In comparison to other survival demonstrators, his childlike enthusiasm and smiling face has won hearts of many.

He doesn't suppress his fearful expressions and try to overcome dangers with great courage, tactics and resourcefulness. Actually, he thinks that fear is an integral part of human nature. Even though he doesn't turn down risks, he becomes significantly nervous while being surrounded by people. He openly admits same too!

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