Saturday, March 15, 2014

Rajinikanth - The Modest Superstar

The Modest Superstar
Even though audience recognize and praise him by his extraordinary maneuvers, gestures, actions and dialogs on silver screen; he's a down-to-earth person and people oriented superstar belonging to Indian (Tamil) Film Industry. Many people only look at his legendary career in cinema but conveniently ignore or avoid trying to know great contributions made by him. Superstar Rajinikanth (Original name: Shivajirao Gayakwaad) is the kind of individual that every society needs very much.

Despite of his eye catching, super-natural and larger than life avatars in movies; he looks and acts very simply, humbly and modestly in public. Many a times, '
believing-in-seeing' audience can't relate between his appearance in reel and real life at all. This quality is very rear in most superstars that draw crowd wherever they go. People not just respect him because of contribution to Indian Cinema but his actual character and role he play for society.

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